Zombie Racing 3D v1.1 Apk Download

Zombie Racing 3D v1.1 Apk Download - The world is in a mess after atomic warfare; mutated creatures occupy the ruins full of radiations. Player need play a role as a survivor to drive a modified car to race in the desert world. Players need be careful about the meteorolites falling down from the sky, thunders, traps on the way and mutated creatures. In this game, you can buy more powerful cars or upgrade your car!
Engine is roaring; all guns are ready! Come to join the violent racing! This is an endless journey. You will survive only if you are more powerful and your car is stronger!


Features Zombie Racing 3D ini:
  • Intuitive g-sensor control.
  • Great graphics and realistic special effects: traces of falling meteorolites and exploding fires of engine.
  • Many cars for you to choose and challenge.
  • Rich system of car upgrading: intensify the wheels, engines, and vehicle-borne weapons; upgrade the oil carrier; and add a ramjet to your car.
Cara Install game ini:
  1. Yang pasti Download gamenya
  2. Pindahkan Apk ke gadget Androidmu 
  3. Install gamenya di gadgetmu
  4. Enjoy your Play 
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